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Pitcher plant – summer color

You can tell that summer is almost here by noticing the fabulous color on these Pitcher Plants. When the wasps start coming around, they will be attracted to them. Once they crawl down inside, they aren’t able to climb back out… providing a meal for the plant.

Sticky Sundew

Sundews (Drosera) are innocent looking and pretty, so sparkly in the windowsill. But the gnats, fruit flies, moths and fleas that give it the slightest touch, are doomed to a horrible death. They will struggle for minutes or even hours… held fast by suffocating glue, grasping tentacles, and burning acids and enzymes. The whole time its bodily fluids are slowly sucked away.

Pitcher plants

Found the perfect Alligator glass for a small pitcher plant on the patio. Watched a fly, who considered going inside the larger one. Later a wasp swooped over my lunch plate and did go down inside and I could hear him buzzing in there after getting stuck. Carnivorous pitcher plants have hairs that point down along the inside of the tubes that keeps insects from crawling out.

Pitcher plants

These carnivorous pitcher plants (Sarrancenia) are thriving on the courtyard. The attract flies, but we don’t see any trapped inside. Instead, they are full of dead oak moths.