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Collections: Flower frogs

Flower frog

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A flower frog is a device used to help arrange flowers.

Some, such as the Japanese Kenzan, are utilitarian metal devices that fit into a vase or bowl and fix the stems by metal needles. Other designs use a number of holes or guides that stems could be fit through for arranging. A flurry of patents followed the metal flower frog popularity, all claiming to save the housewife time and allow her to quickly and creatively arrange flowers. Many types of flower frogs are art pieces with holes for flower stems and a container for holding water.

Collections: Fall Decor

They come out of storage this time of year… lots of pumpkins and gourds. I buy a few gourds every year at my favorite pumpkin patch, Borchard Farms, and let them dry for a year. Then they can be cleaned up, stained, painted and/or sprayed with clear sealer to be displayed every year. The pumpkins are ceramic plates/pitchers/teapots, stuffed pumpkin pillows and everything in between. Bring on the fresh crisp days of fall!

Collections: Bird nests


Bird nests have always held a special place in my heart. I’ve been collecting them for years. Most of them shown here are 20 years old! Amazing how they can hold up when sheltered from the weather. The red winged blackbird use strips of blue plastic tarp to weave their basket shaped nests. I used to have one that had strips of Budweiser label woven into it. I display them during the summertime with glass or painted wood eggs… and always marvel at the craftsmanship.

Collections: Birdcages with plants

Why is it when I find something that I like, I want to have a lot more just like it?
I love to collect things!I admit it. It started back before I can remember. My collections have changed over the years, but the number of my collections continue to grow along with the number of items in each collection. Mostly decorative, the majority of my collections are packed away until their season (e.g. bird nests, pumpkins, Santas, etc.). Some things are displayed year round like specific types of plants, glass bottles, chicken statues the list goes on and on. Let’s start with plants in birdcages. Usually I like to ‘group’ my collections, but this is an exception because they are big and each needs a spot with plenty of light, I’ve got them in every room (and outside).