Owl update

Mama owl roosted in the palm tree for the first time in a long time. She has been in with the baby owls for weeks, and comes out every night about 8pm to stretch her wings, before flying out to hunt. But tonight, she was heard screeching at our cat, Buddy about 7pm. It was too early for her to be out… plenty of daylight left, but she was nervous about him walking around under the nest box, and had flown down to tell him all about it. I thought she may be over-reacting, but reconsidered when she dive-bombed him, and he jumped up about 3 feet off the ground to take a swipe at her! Buddy has kept the squirrels out of our apple trees, and is a good mouser… but our barn owls are off limits! We are planning to lock him up at night when the babies first start to fly… just in case. After we brought the cat in, Mama owl calmed down and flew back up into the palm tree. Later she flew back down to the pine tree and was followed by her mate a short time later.