Mounting Staghorns

This Staghorn fern (Platycerium bifurcatum) has been freshly mounted to a piece of redwood 1 x 12. The root ball was surrounded by plenty of sphagnum moss before attaching it with aviary wire and staples. Eventually its shields will cover the wired ball… and even the board itself. A good drenching in rainwater every week or two and a shady spot on the wall is all it needs. These ferns are epiphytes; they live on trees but are not parasites; they derive no nutrition from the tree; only an anchorage. The base fronds form a basket that funnels rain, bird droppings and leaves to the roots of the fern.

This Staghorn (Superbum variety) was originally mounted using 1 inch chicken wire. It had rusted out at the bottom, so we patched it up with some extra moss and a piece of aviary wire tucked up underneath the shield.


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