Pickle craving drama

Saturday morning – and I’m off to the farmer’s market and to drop off consignment items at Wisteria. When I saw the pile of pickling cucumbers, I remembered we were at the bottom of the last jar of homemade bread and butter pickles. Perfect day to make pickles! So in addition to an already heavy sack of fruits/vegies/meat/eggs, I scooped up 11 lbs!  On my way back to my car, I realized I forgot one thing. I threw the bags in, grabbed another and headed back up. I don’t usually make another trip, and when I got back… I didn’t have my keys UGH!! They were inside the bag, locked in the car, along with my groceries, my purse and almost all my money. Of course, there are no pay phones to be found, so I walked about a mile to Wisteria to use their phone & phonebook and got a ride back. Thank goodness for AAA (don’t leave home without it) – he quickly found me in the crowded underground parking lot and unlocked my door. So it was back again to Wisteria to drop off some succulent things and home to make pickles.

Interesting day that turned out OK.